What We're About

We explore math through code and code through math

You may enjoy our site if you are any of the following

  • Interested in Math
  • Interested in Programming
  • A Beginner
  • Experienced
  • Interested in a High-Paying Field
  • Interested in Guinea Pigs
  • Alive

7 Reasons You May Enjoy the Site

  • We use interactive tools to visualize math concepts
  • We use clear and practical examples
  • We make math and programming accessible to all
  • We show math as a tool and a beautiful tool at that
  • We demonstrate math and programming help us to think
  • You're too kind to say otherwise
  • You need a break from Youtube

Only a Portal

We use our limited resources to the best of our ability, but we are limited.
We are happy to be a portal to more in-depth resources

We're Working On It

We are a work in progress.
If you have suggestions, corrections, or ideas please do get in touch.

Sounds Great

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